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Are you planning to enjoy your Christmas dinner near City Road, London? Then you are in the right place. Christmas Day is about happiness, family, and tasty food; we want you to be a part of the fun.

Imagine a special feast just for Christmas, and you’re invited! At India 2, we’re excited to celebrate the season’s joy with a delicious Christmas dinner on City Road.

So, join us! Let’s make this Christmas special with good food and good times. See you there!

Christmas Dinner Near City Road : The India 2 Restaurant

Step into The India 2, where twinkling lights, colourful decorations, and a cosy feel invite you to a festive celebration. Christmas here is like a big party with yummy food and unique traditions. We’ve put a lot of thought into making everything extra pleasant for your visit.

Our chefs worked hard to create an even better Christmas menu than you can imagine. We have tasty classic roast turkey, flavorful butter chicken, and many other delicious dishes. Think about choosing The India 2 for your festive fun this holiday season. We’d love to be a part of your Christmas 2023 memories.

Special Christmas Menu

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Starters: Begin your Christmas feast with tasty starters! Think of yummy kebabs and crispy samosas – like fireworks for your taste buds, making your evening special!

Main Course: Time for a big meal! Now, let’s get to the central part! Enjoy a feast fit for a king or queen with different main course options. Whether you like the classic roast or want to try our special curries, each dish is made with love to make your meal extra yummy!

Desserts: End with something sweet! Finish your meal with a sweet treat! From classic gulab jamun to smooth chocolate mousse, our Christmas desserts are like a happy ending to your festive food journey. Get ready for a tasty experience that will make you happy!

Make A Reservation : Best Place for Christmas Dinner

Make A Reservation : Best Place for Christmas Dinner

Booking your spot in advance is smart if you are considering joining a festive Christmas dinner at The India 2. Christmas buzzes with activity for us, and we’re committed to ensuring your special day unfolds seamlessly. Booking a table is as easy as ordering your favourite meal online. Swing by our website or dial us to lock in your spot for a stellar Christmas dinner. Whether it’s a snug family gathering or a lively fiesta with friends, we’re geared up and excited to welcome you with open hearts.

Order Online: Enjoy Authentic Foods at Home

Order Online at The India Restaurant

Making Christmas easy and delightful, The India 2 has a unique way to enjoy the festive season right from the comfort of your home! Visit our website, where you’ll find a special section showcasing all our delicious Christmas foods. Choosing your favourites is as simple as a click – it’s that easy! With The India 2, you can effortlessly have a Christmas feast without any hassle. Just visit our website, select your favourites, and let the deliciousness unfold!

Get in Touch With Us

If you want to join our Christmas party at The India 2, saving your spot ahead of time is a good idea. Christmas is busy, but we want your day to be special and smooth. Booking a table is easy, just like ordering your favourite food online. You can check out our website or give us a call to make sure you get a spot for a fantastic Christmas dinner. Whether you’re having a small family gathering or a big party with friends, we’re ready and happy to welcome you warmly.


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At Our Restaurant, we’re like the heart of your happy celebrations. It’s the perfect place for your special Christmas dinner near City Road! You can visit our restaurant for a tasty meal in a festive setting or choose the easy way by ordering online. Either way, we promise to ensure your food is super delicious.

We hope your Christmas is full of joy, love, and The India 2’s delicious aroma. We appreciate you making us a unique part of your holiday traditions. Cheers to a season of warmth, togetherness, and the delightful culinary experience The India 2 is known for!